The Inner World

The Inner World 2.0

The Inner World is a classic-style hand-drawn adventure game
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The Inner World is a 2D point-and-click adventure game widely-appreciated and highly-acclaimed mostly thanks to its original, hand-drawn visual style and thanks to the captivating storyline sprinkled with funny dialogues.

Visually, the game is really interesting. The cartoon-like animations and the handmade world are truly unique. The voiceovers are also top notch, and the soundtrack helps creating a really immersive atmosphere. The gameplay is typical of point-and-click adventures: you find objects, try to combine them, or attempt to use them to solve all kinds of puzzles and advance through the story. Though similar to other games of the genre, it lacks the frustration and tediousness that many tend to associate with this kind of experiences. Thanks to a smart multi-level hint system, everyone can finish the game without having to go through those infamous moments of getting stuck and tearing your hair out trying to solve a puzzle or riddle. The game is relaxing, cool, and really enjoyable. Though its cartoon-esque appearance might make one think that this game is more suitable for children, it’s actually fit for grown-ups as well, as it comes with a captivating story that anyone can enjoy.

To sum it all up, The Inner World is a nice experience, a bit underrated or insufficiently promoted, in my opinion. It’s an original-looking point-and-click adventure with an undeniably interesting storyline.

Margie Smeer
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  • Interesting storyline
  • Original visuals
  • Professional voiceovers


  • A bit too short, can be finished in a few hours
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